The Village of Putley in Herefordshire

This is the Putley Neighbourhood Plan


The referendum on Putley’s Neighbourhood Development Plan took place at the village hall on 14th February 2019.   Everyone on the electoral register in the parish of Putley was eligible to vote.  In the end, 77 (39%) people voted - including proxy and postal votes – and the results came back to us very promptly:

For the Plan:  65 (84%)

Against the Plan: 12 (16%)

The Plan gained a majority vote of 53.

It has been accepted and formally ‘signed off’ by Herefordshire Council.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan offers greater control over how the parish develops.  It means that Putley Parish Council can look to the Plan for guidance when considering planning applications.  It also means that Herefordshire Council has to take on board what we decided when it debates planning applications in our parish – our neighbourhood area.

The Plan considers not only housing, but also small scale employment developments, communications and broadband, our natural and historic environment, the design of any new developments and also community facilities.

You can read the full version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan at

A full set of supporting documents is also available at

To view the accepted Putley Neighbourhood Plan in PDF format please click HERE

To view the documents, meetings minutes etc for all the work up to the plan being accepted (February 2019) click HERE