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Putley is a small village of a few hundred souls, about five miles west of Ledbury. It has been famous over the centuries for its apples, pears, cider and perry.

There is a survey of the flora of Putley Common. See the survey. And the list of flowering plants.


 A past edition of our village magazine is here as a pdf download... 

Putley Press Feb - Apr 2013(3.7mb) 
or you can read it like a magazine onscreen at ISSUU.  

The previous edition of our village magazine is here as a pdf download...
Putley Press Nov 2012 - Jan 2013(2.2mb) 
or you can read it like a magazine onscreen at ISSUU.

Traditional orchard conservation in Herefordshire – can you help? Read this orchards.pdf.


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This is the Putley village website, which started in 2009. It is an 'open access' site so you'll be able to see all of its development. This means you will also be able to see its mistakes and inconsistencies for which we apologise now. There is a considerable amount of 'learning' involved.

Click on one of the section buttons on the left to see the sub-sections. Under Useful Contacts, there's a map (attractive but not completely accurate!), a page of useful telephone numbers, a news page, a page with important current village documents, and a section for small ads. 'Small Ads' are where you can offer items for sale, or swap, or give away, or post an appeal for a lost pet, or whatever. Small ads are free, but to do one you need to have registered as a Community Member. Which leads to...

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Here you can register and become a Community Member. To do so you fill out a form. This asks for a deal of information, but most is optional. All we really need is your name, address, and email details. And yes, we will keep your info private, won't publish it on the site, or give it to a third party. We will send you a username and password which you can use to login.

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  • It makes us, the Putley Website team feel better!

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