The Village of Putley in Herefordshire

If you are a business or a trader based in or near to Putley, then you can have a free listing on this page.

Just get in touch with us using the contact link above.

Putley Parish Council does not endorse or recommend any of these advertisers

White House Cottages
Please contact White House Cottages
call 01531 670349
or send an email
Leadon Valley Accountancy
Please contact Louise
call 01531 631095
or send an email
BB Services Ltd
Please contact Gary
call 07971 271777
or send an email
Cafe - Deli - Store
The Nest - Cafe & Deli & Store
Please contact the nest
call 01531 670816
or send an email
Computer Problems Solved
William Dereham
Please contact William
call 01432 680367
Design Studio
Monster Creative
Please contact Julie
call 01531 670340
or send an email
Dog Training
One Paw Forward
Please contact Fay
call 07833013793
or send an email
Friendly Local Garage
Trumpet Garage
Please contact Trumpet Garage
call 01531 670278
Garden / Plant Centre
Newent Plant Centre
Please contact 7 days a week
call 01531 670121
or send an email
Japanese Woodblock Printmaking
Rowan McOnegal
Please contact Rowan
call 01531 670075
or send an email
Local Pub and Restaurant & Campsite
Trumpet Inn
Please contact Sales
call 01531 670277
or send an email
Andrew Jelley Opticians
Please contact Office
call 01885 488259
or send an email
Nicola Johnson
Please contact Nicola
call 07891 378379
or send an email
Post Office
Putley Parish Hall
Please contact the Post Office
call Mondays 1pm - 3pm except Bank Holidays
Irene Mawby - Alterations - Remodelling - Repair
Please contact Irene
call 01531 670185
or send an email
A warm welcome awaits at Putley WI
Please contact Julie
call 01531 670340
or send an email
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